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Hey! So Glad You're Here...Nah, Not Really

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What’s up with the potato? Good question, thanks for asking…

The potato was universally adopted in the early twentieth century as a substitute for stamp imagery, the theory being, the less said about stamps, and the less shown of them, the better. 

Modern approaches to Non Stamp Collecting aim not to dismiss the stamp altogether, but to acknowledge the stamp in order to devise strategies to avoid collecting.

While we proudly pay homage to the potato tradition, we do permit occasional imagery of stamps on this website—apologies to anyone whom that offends...not that we care. 

That said, we compassionately endeavor to keep stamp imagery to a minimum, to protect the recovering collectors amoung our readership, who may be tempted back into bad habits on viewing stamps. 


Non Stamp Collecting is a passion, a paradox, and a lifestyle.  It quickly gained in popularity after the first collectible postage stamps were produced. 

It began humbly, with non collecting clubs and lone practitioners popping up independently all around the world. These motley peoples and organizations have never managed to unite into a homogenous, global body, and it’s generally considered best to keep it that way. 


Non stamp collecting is often mistakenly associated with atheism, yet many devoutly religious folk are non collectors too. 

Non stamp collectors tend to have a cynical world view, and tend to not believe things at face value—but it is important to note, that’s something most non collectors claim, yet of which they remain skeptical when informed of by others. 
Non collectors are almost always ultimately indifferent towards almost everything, whilst quick to offer strong opinions on all topics they know nothing about - non stamp collecting included.  Conversely, we gernerally sit on the fence when debating subjects on which we do have expertise, but it can go either way. 


This website is a work of boredom.  Hatched in May 2020, out of too much time on the hands whilst stuck inside during the Covid-19 global shutdown. But what better to do when idle than not collect stamps! 

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