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A Christmas Miracle! Fukashima appears in a Brussels Sprout!

The face of Haruki Fukashima, the little known writer of not-so-popular aphorisms, was discovered today in a Brussels Sprout.

Shaunagh Roberts was preparing a festive feast when Fukashima suddenly appeared. "When I saw his face, I was stunned," she said. "I thought, 'oh my god, it's Fukashima!' And with it being Christmas and all, I just knew it was a miracle."

Fukashima has appeared on toast in the past. To his delight, these apparitions are often mistaken as manifestations of Jesus. But this appearance, in a Brussels Sprout, seems to be a first for the Fuk.

But it is not altogether surprising that Fukashima would choose this vegetable for his Christmas manifestation. After all, he wrote many aphorisms referencing the humble sprout. He claimed the sprout was misunderstood, and too frequently dismissed.

"No man is mocked more than he who lives as a Brussels Sprout," Fukashima once wrote, referencing his so-called, 'vegetable patch' period.

He also pointed out, "A bird in the hand is worth an unknown number of Brussels Sprouts."

Whilst attending a performance by the stand-up comedian, Bucky, Fukashima remarked, "Let he without a punch line among you cast the first Brussels Sprout."

Fukashima quotations were banned in several nations because of his licentious quote, "Before you criticize a man, taste his Brussels Sprouts."

For the small and dwindling number of Fukashima fans worldwide, his appearance on this Christmas Day is relatively insignificant.


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