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Free Willie

Willie Nelson performs Country Music hits against his will. This disgrace has been going on for well over half a century. It’s time to release Willie back into the wild. Please donate to the Free Willie campaign and help us end this injustice!

After decades in captivity, Willie deserves freedom in his twilight years. He should be allowed to swim once again with his dolphins kin. For too long, Willie has been caged-up and drugged. He’s only let out when Promotors and Tour Agents run short on cash. They drag poor Willie out on stage, and they beat him when he protests against strumming his guitar and singing nostalgic favourites. How much more of this abuse can Willie endure?

It’s time to free Willie! It’s time to release him back into the ocean, where he can feed on fish, squid, shrimps, where he is free to frolic with his pod. Donations will go to the Make a Wish Foundation. Let’s make Willies wish come true!


Click for notes on the Free Sammy Davis Jr campaign


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