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Quackers - the forgotten gender

I recently came out of the closet, or out of the nest, as I prefer to say. I identify sexually with ducks (Anatidaephilia). Physically attraction to ducks is far more common than most folks realise. Still, due to social stigmas, few anatidaphiles openly admit this preference. Too often anatidaephilia is rudely and ignorantly lumped in with beastiality. For the most part, however, the love of ducks goes beyond carinal animalism. For all but a few fringe anatidaphiles, the ideal is to nurture respectful and loving relationships with ducks. 

We express and explore our love of ducks in a varity of ways. For instance, some anatidaphiles find the feel of wet duck feet walking over their naked skin to be highly erotic. Others become excited when a duck watches them undress. A good number are turned on by feeding bread to ducks in public parks. 

Yet across the spectrum of our flock, anatidaphiles are highly protective of ducks.

Waterfowl Gender Identity

People can develop a physical and emotional attraction to almost anything. We all know of men who lust over fast cars and women who go wild for diamonds, so getting turned-on by ducks ought not to be seen as much of an aberration. 

It's one thing, however, to be drawn to ducks, and another thing again to be a Quacker: someone whose gender identity is that of a duck.  There are, of course, folks who identify with other waterfowl. Gender identification with geese, swans, loons, coots, and even penguins all comes under the umbrella of Quackery. But it is the duck I identify with.

LGBTQQIP2SAA: still not inclusive enough

The standard, binary view of gender, acknowledging only Male and Female, has been challenged and broken down over the last decades. Society now recognises a board rainbow of identities. This widespread recognition of non-heterosexual orientations came about as the marginalised rallied together for support and solidarity under the LGBT banner. 

Their struggle for mainstream recognition is to be commended. But the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community itself fails to be inclusive of all sexual orientations and identities. 

They have recently expanded their community, and their acronym, to LGBTQQIP2SAA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, Questioning, Intersex, Pansexual, Two-Spirit, Asexual, Allies). 

However, neither they or mainstream society recongnises my gender identity. Quackers are not included in the new acronym. We have no place under their rainbow flag. I feel left out, unrecognised and unheard. 

Ignored and Shunned

When was the last time you saw a quacker portrayed in a major Hollywood movie? Why is marriage between people and ducks still not legitimised? 

Why have there been no public rallies in support of anatidaphiles and quackers? 

Instead of support, most people will cruelly laugh in my face and tell me quackery is not a real gender. Even the LGBT+ folk tell me this! It hurts deeply, coming from them.   

Gender identity is inside us; it's how we feel about our own gender. It's at the core of one's self-perception. So when society dismisses my declared identity, I am being told I'm not a real, that I am fiction.

But why is it so difficult for others to accept my gender identity is that of a duck? Why do they wish to silence my quack? Narrow-mindedness? bigotry? Ignorance? I think duck phobia has a lot to do with it. While quackers such as I find being watched by a duck to be a sensual experience, most folks find it unnerving.

Anatidaephobia, or the fear of ducks, needs to be addressed urgently.

If I Quack like a Duck...

I'm tired of being mocked, ridiculed and subject to underhanded comments such as, "It's nice weather" whenever it rains.

I'm tired of the cultural appropriation of ducks. 

I'm tired of duck-calls being used without respect.  

I'm tired of Disney portraying Donald and Daffy Duck as ungainly buffoons. 

I'm tired of the Oregan Football team using a duck as their mascot. 

I'm tired of Duck Dynasty. 

I'm tired of duck-hunters. Ducks are not entertainment, merchandise, or hunting fodder. 

I will not rest until society ends this discrimination. It's time to ruffle some feathers, for I am not a man, I am a Quacker! 



Guy Booth
Guy Booth
Oct 26, 2020

Can't say I plucked too many chicks in my youth, Paul, but I certainly did my fair share of ducking.

'Mallard Magazine' didn't show enough underwing plumage for my tastes. I prefered, 'A Bird in Hand.'

It was banned in most States, but if you knew the right newsagent, you could give a discreet 'quack' and the cashier would slip a copy into a folded newspaper.


This is a niché within a niché. Did you pull a lot of chicks when you were a younger man and it escalated from there? I remember in the '70's this old bloke who I used to see in my local newsagents, brazenly buying his porn mags from the top shelf, no embarrassment at all but the shopkeeper told me he used to pick up a copy of 'Mallard' once a month, in a super thick brown paper bag.

I guess we're all somewhere on the spectrum

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