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Shakespeare - Trigger Warning

Globe theatregoers have been issued a trigger warning over a 'sensitive' scene in the play, Henry VIII, following the death of Queen Elizabeth II. The production is set to open today at the theatre on London's South Bank.

The warning reads: "This production contains overt sexual content, an on-stage depiction of an execution and an on-stage depiction of childbirth. There are latex balloons, sudden loud noises, and use of stage blood and a gun. The production also contains scenes that audiences may find sensitive due to recent events, including a coronation, the death of a monarch, and the national anthem."

Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden shared news of the warning in a tweet that reads: "DO NOT COME TO THE THEATRE IF YOU DO NOT WISH TO EXPERIENCE EMOTION."

Shakespeare's work needs to be censored for the modern audience. His plays are full of violence, power struggles, and disrespectful language. We should take a red pen to his writing and cross out the offensive bits. What will remain? The curtain opening for Act One, an intermission, and then the curtain's closing to end the show--this is what wins standing ovations and glowing reviews.

The Globe theatre's information page also includes the warning: "The beheading scene may distress young children, monarchists, and members of the French aristocracy. We also wish to further warn our French audience that Shakespeare wrote in English. We apologize for any distress this may cause and we regret his oversight in cultural inclusion.

The Globe trigger warning follows Manchester United's apology to their fan for being drawn in a match against Liverpool.

An offended theatregoer storms out of the Globe, after tossing a glove at the actors.
An offended theatregoer storms out of the Globe, after tossing a glove at the actors.

The Globe is also urging theatregoers to avoid the image of Henry VIII on the cover of their program.

The theatre website reads: "The program cover shows a full-frontal portrait of King Henry VIII. This is a breach of Globe Theatre's policy on nudity, which is the royal jewels must not be visible. The program cover was prepared in advance, and the Globe cannot reprint it to remove Henry's Jewels.


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