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Would Jesus wear a Mask?

Covid-19 face-masks have morphed into a symbol of control, if not an evil piece of apparel. At least in the minds of some.

A curious bunch of Christians regard mask-wearing as an attack on their freedom, a communist plot, a crime against humanity, an insult to Gods’ wonderful breathing system, and a tool of Satan.

Why do these good folk harbour such hatred towards a small piece of cloth covering the mouth and nose?

When the bubonic plague hit Wittenberg in 1527, Martin Luther refused to flee. Instead, he stayed behind to assist the sick and dying. 

In his letter, Whether Christians Should Flee the Plague, Luther wrote, 

“Whenever anyone is overcome by horror and repugnance in the presence of a sick person he should take courage and strength in the firm assurance that it is the devil who stirs up such abhorrence, fear, and loathing in his heart. He is such a bitter, knavish devil that he not only unceasing tries to slay and kill, but also takes delight in making us deathly afraid, worried, and apprehensive so that we should regard dying as horrible and have no rest or peace all throughout life.”

Now I don’t believe in the devil, but I do think Luther makes a good point all the same: the fear of illness can be as stifling as the illness itself. 

The presence of a Covid-19 mask today functions as Luther’s devil did in his day, at least in the hearts and minds of some. It makes people feel afraid, worried, and apprehensive. It stirs up fear and loathing.  

One may loath an illness, and have a legitimate fear of a disease, but to fear a preventative measure to reduce the spread of an illness, as if the prevention were the illness—that is misguided.

So if Jesus was alive today, would he wear a mask? 

Sacrificial care is a Christian ethic, as Luther demonstrated. I figure you can’t get that much more sacrificial than volunteering to be nailed to a cross, for the benefit of others. 

So yeah, if Jesus was ok with being nailed-up, then I believe a mask wouldn't have caused him undue concern. 

Does the image of Jesus with a mask offend you? Does the mask humiliate Jesus? Does it make him appear weak? 

If so, remember, Jesus did not die on the cross for himself, he died for humanity, or so the story goes. 

Likewise, Jesus would not have worn a mask for himself, but for others, even as he suffered and died. That's just the sort of thoughtful chap he was! Note: I’m not a Christian, but I figure I can speak on behalf of metaphysical characters with as much authority as the next person!



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